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Beachfront Bar & Resto

Fresh Seafood straight off the boat & Homemade Burgers to boot!

Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Whatever your tastes we got you covered with a large range of breakfast combos available from the classic Continental or American right through to the more exotic Tropical Fruit or Surfers and Hippies Brekafasts! The Lunch & Dinner Menus are set daily depending on the local catch and typically include a diverse variety of fresh seafood straight off the boat, meat and poultry dishes as well as vegetarian meals available on request! For the famished surfer we also have a large variety of Homemade Burgers and Paninis as well as fresh fruit smoothies available!


Continental 8000ar

Homemade bread, butter, jam and tea or coffee

Americano 12000ar

Homemade bread, butter, jam, tea or coffee with a choice of omelette, fried or scrambled eggs

Tropical Fruit 14000ar

Homemade bread, butter, jam with fruit salad with choice of tea, coffee or juice

Breakfast of Champions 16000ar

Homemade bread, butter, jam with a choice of omelette, fried or scrambled eggs and fruit salad with either tea, coffee or juice

Hippy Breakfast 15000ar

Grilled homemade toast, avocado, diced tomatoes & spring onions in olive oil and a freshly squeezed juice

Surfers Brekky 18000ar

Bacon & Egg Roll with Icey Cold Banana Smoothie


ENTREES Fresh Mixed Salad 10 000ar Yellow Fin Tuna Carpaccio 12 000ar Deep Fried Battered Prawns 12 000ar MAIN COURSES Whole Grilled Fish of the Day 18 000ar Spicey Vegetable Rissoles 18 000ar Stir Fried Fish Fillet in a Garlic Butter Sauce 20 000ar Marinated Zebu grilled in a Spicey Creole Sauce 22 000ar Sir Fried Lemon Butter Calamari 22 000ar Alfredo Shrimp Pasta 22 000ar Ginger Honey Roast Chicken 22 000ar Grilled Seafood Skewers 25 000ar BBQ'd Crayfish 30 000ar Lobster Grilled with 4 spices 35 000ar DESSERTS Honey Butter Pancakes 10 000ar Bella's Lemon Cheesecake 12 000ar Fresh Strawberries with Whipped Cream 12 000ar

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By local phone 032 26 126 23 or 034 47 571 00 or by WhatsApp on +261 347 234 865

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We're right on the beach 500m to the north of the main Anakao Fishing Village